A personal project directed by Simon Emmett & Anthony Shurmer.

Barnet FC are losing their historic and much loved stadium 'Underhill' after 106 years, due to unsympathetic local council decisions. Its the end of an era for this fiercely supported North London football club. To make matters worse, the club are also battling to avoid relegation from the league.

The club and its fans, including Arsene Wenger, Barry Fry and John Motson share anecdotes about the eccentricities of life in and around this most English of football clubs.
'A brilliantly colourful and wonderfully entertaining film, full of characters, touching stories and memories. Underhill gives a terrific insight into the footballing community and what it means to so many people. One of the most entertaining films about football I’ve ever seen.'
John Cross, Daily Mirror

11mm Berlin International Football Film Festival 2016

'The most charming film. Brilliant!'
Faye Carruthers, Absolute Radio

'A touching reminder of what football means to fans.'
Colin Murray, Talk Sport

'Beautifully shot film takes you to the heart of supporting a struggling lower league team through the eyes of players, officials and most importantly the fans. Whether you’re a football fan or not, it’s a must see.' Michael Weinstein

'Great film!'
Ian Wright

'An absolutely amazing short film.'
Shelley Dobson, Saatchi & Saatchi

'An excellent film. Very moving.'
Lee Clayton, Daily Mail

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